The Make-up Box
The Essence of Beauty in a Box

The Make-up Box Van

We understand that many homes can’t accommodate a team of make-up artists. We invite you inside the Make-up Box so we can look after you without taking over your home or business.

What is the Make-up Box?

The Make-up Box is a converted Luton van, specifically designed to offer a full hair and makeup experience. We park outside your home or venue, so we can look after you on your special day without taking over your home. The studio is fully equipped with:

  • LED lights
  • Make up counter.
  • Hair counter.
  • Sitting area for waiting
  • Heating
  • Flat screen TV
  • Coffee machine.
  • Flower wall for those all important selfies.

Frequently asked questions

I live on a steep hill can I hire the van?
Unfortunately, our makeup studio cannot work if we are not on a flat surface. This is not suitable for people who live on a hill, and it is not suitable for people who live in flats.

Can I book your services without the van?
Yes, indeed you can we still do home and hotel visits.

How much parking space do you need?
The size of the van lengthwise is 7 metres. Typically, we need two car spaces to park the van comfortably. If you have a drive. Perfect, we can get on the drive. If not, we can park on the road as long as we are 25 metres near a power socket.

How do you power the van?
We have a cable running from the van into a power socket, usually through the front door or front window to a normal power socket. If you have an outside power socket, even better. If not, we will make it work.

How can I book?
Submit your booking on our enquiries page and somebody from the team will get back to you.

Questions? Get in touch!

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