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Here are some frequently asked questions regarding our general services. You can also find additional information on corporate packages and the Make-up Box van pages.

Do you have a phone consultation?
Yes we do! If you are booking The Make-up box, you can have access to our artists via WhatsApp. Conveniently, you can leave voice notes or written messages and we will always go back to you.

What brand of makeup do you use?
We only use high quality luxury brands; we understand that looking the best requires using the best such as NARS, MAC, Charlotte Tilbury, Bobby Brown.

Are you able to cater to different ethnicities?
Yes! Our team are confident makeup artists and have been in the industry for over 27 years, we welcome all skin tones and hair types.

Are you comfortable with mature skin?
With a wealth of knowledge, we welcome all ages and have tailored makeup looks to suit each stage of life.

Do you accommodate big parties?
Yes, we do. The Make-up Box has been designed to cater for larger parties where you might not have enough space in your home or venue for everybody to get ready, we bring a fully functional studio to your front door or chosen location.

Will you provide a make-up schedule on the big day?
We will schedule an appointment with you so that you are ready when you need to be, as well work closely with any organisers you may have you day is as flawless as your make-up!

Do you only specialise in weddings?
No, we cover a vast array of events from: baby showers, birthday parties and corporate events. We are the one stop hair and makeup shop.

How far do you travel?
As we are a mobile makeup studio on wheels, we can cover most destinations nationally, although that does come with some travel expenses.

What are your hygiene processes?
We take hygiene very seriously, making sure each client has their own individual beauty blender, that is disposed of after use. Our makeup studio is sanitised before we arrive to the job, all makeup brushes are cleaned and sanitised in between each client and disposable mascara wands are used to not contaminate any of our makeup. Also, we have undergone COVID risk assessments.

When do I need to schedule the trial?
As soon as you know the date of your wedding, it’s better to make enquiries. Typically, a wedding trial should take place six months before the wedding. However, with cancellations and uncertainty of venues, up to a month before the wedding is OK as well.

How long does a trial take?
Our trials take around 2 hours. In those two hours we will discuss different hair and makeup looks and create the best look for yourself.

Should I bring accessories to my trial?
That would be amazing! if you are wearing any ornaments in your hair or a veil it is always advisable to bring with you on the day so we can complete the look to see what you’re going to look like on the big day.

Could I use my own makeup?
It is better to use the makeup artist’s make up as we know the performance of our products. However, if you have a Skin condition or an allergy to certain products we are more than happy to use your products.

Would you like to see my inspiration board?
Yes, of course! It is always nice to see the bride’s vision of a smoky look or a hairdo. With so much variety now, it is always better to have a mood board to go back to. The best app for this would be Pinterest. Get yourself a little folder, make yourself a little mood board, and bring it along to your trial. Or you can WhatsApp it to us beforehand, so we know what we are doing.

Can I use fake tan?
If you are using fake tan on your wedding day, please advise the makeup artist so we know this on your trial. Matching your skin tone is not a problem, but using fake tan can go horribly wrong sometimes, so please be careful and let your make-up artist know.

What do I do about top ups during the day?
The way we do makeup, you would not need to do a top up. If your lipstick does not last all day, we can use a long-lasting lipstick. Alternatively, you can buy the lipstick of your choice and we can use that for you. The only top up you are really going to need is lips. Everything else will be done immaculately to stay in place even until the next day.

Do you do wedding hair?
Yes, we do. We can work with all hair types; European, Asian, Afro hair, wigs, braids etc.

Can you provide hair extensions?
We can provide hair extensions. This can be discussed on the trial and you should get a colour sample of your hair.

Do you have insurance?
We have public liability insurance and Product insurance.

Do you have an assistant?
Depending on the size of the bookings, yes, we do.

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