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Men’s skincare

Men. Even if you don’t fancy the idea of a pamper night in, taking care of your skin is so important. After all, it protects your whole body.

Although men and women do have different skin types, thanks to different hormones, men are just as prone to acne or skin damage. This is caused by a build-up of dirt and bacteria, which will only worsen without the use of regular face washing and exfoliation. You may feel that as a man your skin is thicker and more elastic than women’s, and this is true. But that does not mean it’s invincible, oily skin can hit all genders!

Our skin is amazing and has the incredible life-saving feature of being able to renew by itself. So how can you not want to take care of that? Just adding a little bit of moisturising into your daily routine will make all the difference and it really is as simple as brushing your teeth, and you wouldn’t leave the house without doing that, would you?

Keep Your Skincare Simple

Skincare does not have to be complicated, but you do need to pick the right products for you. If you’re just reaching for your usual body-wash to scrub your face, it’s probably not doing the job. Arbonne’s Groomwell set could be the answer to all your grooming needs, with a range of fantastic products to help you get healthy looking skin and hair. Additionally, the Lumispa will treat you to a salon standard facial in the comfort of your own home, helping to reduce blemishes and have glowing skin.

Hydrate Well for Healthy Skin

Diet has a massive effect on your skin. We all know the importance of drinking lots of water for healthier skin. But something else that will do your skin all kinds of favours is Skinade, a delicious peach and tropical mangosteen drink. This supports every inch of your skin by strengthening the collagen matrix under the skin’s surface, boosting your hydration levels and reducing wrinkles. Skinade is full of natural ingredients such as organic flax seed oil and vitamins B and C to fight the natural effects of ageing. Because Skinade comes in liquid form, it also has a 90-95% absorption rate, proving just how easy it is for your body to digest. Another bonus is that it is lactose, gluten and dairy-free with no hormones or GMOs, added sugar, artificial flavours or colours.

What Skincare Do Men Need?

The right skincare for you will depend on different factors that can make skin drier, oilier, or more prone to acne.

  • Normal skin, which is usually clear of blemishes and oil, is generally not sensitive to products containing dyes or fragrances.
  • Oily skin can appear greasy or shiny.
  • Dry skin can be itchy and generally flakes off.
  • Combination skin can be a mixture of both dry and oily areas.

This is where the Lumispa comes in as you can choose the activating cleanser that best suits your skin type. The face cleanser is formulated with a blend of algae and plant extracts so is gentle on your skin and with the help of the silicone head, the use of the Lumispa for just two minutes, twice a day, could not be easier!

A daily skincare routine also combats the affects aging has on the skin. Use AgeLOC Elements and Future Serum for a brilliant anti-aging regime. Just 3 easy steps to follow, morning and evening, to create a youthful skin structure with even, radiant skin. Moisturising with these fantastic products (for men with all skin types) is also a sure way to hydrate your skin and wave goodbye to your wrinkles.

Take Care of Your Hair

Hair loss and thinning is pretty common for men so taking care of your hair is hugely important.  NuSkin men’s ageLOC & Nutriol Scalp and Hair System brings volume, strength and shine to thin, stressed or aging hair. This is great for providing a more voluminous, fuller look for your hair. Massaging your scalp in the shower to increase blood circulation and stimulate hair growth, as well as handling your hair with care and avoiding rough scrubbing, can also greatly improve your hair’s health.

Now you know all the best ways to look after your hair and skin. Always remember it’s so important to be gentle and not to neglect your skin and hair. If you would like any help or advice regarding the products mentioned here, please contact us for any further information or for general advice about men’s skincare and hair.